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From the comfort of your seat, you’re invited to share your experience. An experiment leader will guide you through the creative process.
With InDesign you can determine the layout of flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, stickers, books, (roll-up) banners, magazines, newspapers and presentations. Everything you can print. You can easily export this layout to high resolution print files in PDF format that you can deliver to a printer.
With Illustrator you make illustrations, as the name suggests. But with Illustrator you can also make technical drawings, for example, cross-sections of machines. It is mainly used in the graphic world for designing a logo, typography and the design of graphic products, for example, pages of a brochure, a poster or a website.
With Photoshop you can recolor photos in an instant, retouch your old photos, ‘Photoshop’ your funny pictures together, create your online banners, create your own animated GIFs, draw a beautiful drawing or create a template for your social media.
Have you always wanted to spray paint your bike or car, but have no idea how to do it?
Do you want to let the sparks fly? You can now learn the basics of MIG / MAG welding at Microlab Eindhoven in just 3 hours. A specialist will guide you through the process of learning
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