You can learn how to present!

This workshop is exclusively offered in Dutch. Explanations will be given in Dutch only, therefore we advise against participation if you lack a good understanding of the language.

Who am I?

With 25 years of stage experience as a singer, once started in the musical Miss Saigon, I know better than anyone what you have to face when you have to speak, or in my case sing, to an audience. The preparation can be nerve-racking, the stress and tension you experience before stepping on stage and often quite some time beforehand. How do you make contact with your audience, can you hold their attention from start to finish? I would like to share my many years of experience with you!

Become a confident and authentic speaker who dares stand in contact with his audience so that the message really comes across!

In this interactive training/workshop you will learn:

  • The structure of a presentation or pitch
  • With the right structure, you can make a presentation or pitch your own in no time.
  • You can apply this structure to all your future presentations.
  • You can immediately start using your story/pitch anywhere; But you can also immediately use it to make your idea or department visible to your managers, company or customers.

The QandA method

  • This method teaches you to speak naturally
  • You don’t have to memorize sentences
  • The temptation to enter a “side street” will become smaller

Presentation techniques that can be applied immediately

  • Posture
  • Use of voice
  • Breathing, which also immediately reduces tension
  • Pace

How you can really seek contact and stay connected with your audience

  • Storytelling
  • Connect with your audience
  • Interaction
  • How do you deal with resistance?

What is the result?

After this training you will have all the tools to make a good and clear presentation that impacts your audience. Through the presentation techniques you will also have learned how to make your presentation more dynamic, interactive and fun. For yourself and for your audience!

In preparation, it would be good to already have a think about your story. Is it your business pitch, are you anxious about talking about yourself or is it a work-related presentation?

The workshop takes place with at least 13 registrations. 

If we have fewer than 13 registrations 48 hours before the start of the workshop, we have the right to cancel the workshop and ask you to choose a new time.

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